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Kevin’s USA Band: The Streetfighters, plus pal Jon Bon Jovi, at the Plaza Hotel NYC, having a celebration dinner.
Kevin was in the best Aussie R&B band
of all time: AFRIKA
Kevin & Bernard King 
doing a Noel Coward song
Kevin doing his radio show
1979 photo at 2WS original studios,  western Sydney, on the day KS arrived by helicopter on his first promo trip, to release his first ever single,
on ATA Records.
Performing at the ‘MO’ Awards
Kevin & Petula Clark

Kevin with  

The Governor General

Kevin’s Aussie band: Phil Lawson, Mark Kennedy, Kevin, Ashley Irwin, Tommy Emmanuel, Duncan McGuire:.
ATA studios Australia
KS singing with the cast of Oliver!

Kevin Somerville’s

Coat of Arms*

* Kevin’s aristocratic ancestry and family heritage is a whole other chapter, stretching all the way back to William the Conqueror and the Norman Invasion...it’s a long, extraordinary history.